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On Sunday, I woke up still in NYC with friends, got Starbucks, got on the train back to NJ, napped for like, five minutes, and then drove back to Philadelphia for The Loved Ones show.

Oh my god, these two days could not have been more different. Oh, the pretentious indie/punk kids. I overheard the guy standing in front of me tell his friend he was ashamed to say that for a time he was huge Blink182 fan. Seriously. I will say it again. These two concert experiences could not have been more different.

The opening bands were Amateur Party, The Ergs, and The Gaslight Anthem. I don't have much to say about Amateur Party other than I remember really liking their guitar riffs, because about three songs in I got a most inconvient nosebleed and spent the rest of their set in the bathroom with tissue paper stuff up my nose. Fun times.

The Ergs were really cool, even though I didn't know any of their music, I liked them a lot. For the first few songs the tallest guy in the world decided he wanted to stand in front of me, and I was only able to see the guitarist who my friends and I decided was an Andy Hurley look-a-like. Their bassist was crazy good, and their drummer does the lead vocals which I thought was awesome and had never seen before.

The Gaslight Anthem were amazing and I will definately be picking up their cd sometime in the near future. My friend described them as like "Bruce Springsteen, but punk," which I think is a very apt description. The lead singer has a growly sort of quality to his voice which I really liked. Also, they're from New Brunswick, and I'm not gonna lie, I love bands from my home state a tiny bit more. (They also have a full page in this month's AP so you should check that out.)

The Loved Ones were once again, awesome. This show was crazy. The last time I saw them, it was at the North Star Bar, where they have a no stage-diving/moshing/crowd-surfing rule. They don't have that rule at the church, apparently, and their was a ridiculous amount of it going on. I stayed out of the way, off the the side, where I had a reasonably good view and didn't get trampled. I am skinny and bruise easily. No moshing for me. It was fun to watch everyone having so much energy, both the band and the audience, even if I was about to fall over I was so tired.

When they did their encore at the end of the show, they had turned the lights back on and waited a minute, so about half of the crowd had cleared out before they came back on stage so I got a much better view for that and that was pretty awesome. I am so not used to going to shows and having to worry about the tall punk boys blocking my view. I generally am trying not to elbow the obnoxious 13 year-old trying to worm their way in front of me. At any rate, The Loved Ones = AWESOME. If you get a chance to see them, do it, because they put on a fantastic show.

mind if we freestyle?

My month in concerts/shows was supposed to go like this:

2/11 - Desoto Jones @ Grape Street
2/13 - The Ataris @ The First Unitarian Church
2/15 - The Audition, Envy on the Coast, Another Day Late @ The First Unitarian Church
2/22 - New Brilliant & A Lifelike Story @ Spotlight Music
2/23 - Desoto Jones @ Arcadia University
2/24 - The Loved Ones @ First Unitarian Church

And then Grape Street closed, I got to the church only to find out that they had double-booked and postponed The Ataris show, ticketweb fucked up and never sent me my tickets and I wasn't sure the right name was on the will call list for The Audition show, and central jersey got six and a half inches of snow and there was no way I was driving out to Flemington.

So, by the 22nd, I was 0/4 on shows. However, because I have friends in low high places, I mananged to score an invite to a private 18+ show featuring a little band called Panic At The Disco at Irving Plaza in New York. Oh man, it was fucking incredible. I didn't have to elbow a single person. There was air on my back during the show. This is unheard of, people. (Fueled By Ramen bands would make a killing doing the occasional 18+ show. I'm just saying.) The set list was: We're So Starving, Nine In The Afternoon, But It's Better If You Do, She's A Handsome Woman, That Green Gentleman, I Write Sins, & Mad As Rabbits.

Five songs off the new album. FIVE. Granted I had previously heard two of them, but still. They were all incredible. That Green Gentleman was my favorite by far, and it apparently going to be their next single and I can't wait. They also re-arranged the old songs to fit with the new sound and everything sounds amazing. They have grown so much as musicians and it makes my little music loving-heart so very happy. I cannot wait for this record.

After that they did a little Q&A session which was pretty much the most hilarious thing I've ever witnessed. I love that they refuse to be serious about anything.

And that was my Saturday. Sunday was equally ridiculous. That story is coming soon.

sometimes I wonder how this is actually my life

I have been very busy as of late. And Jesus Christ, did I have a ridiculous weekend.

MANY, MANY updates coming, very soon. As soon as I sleep for like, a year.

right now is all that matters

who will save us now

greetings from nowhere

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in lipstick (when you passed out)


Going to see New Brilliant tonight. Check this guy out, he's from my hometown.

back to the street

I am ridiculously excited about this video. From the pictures that have been released so far it looks like it's going to be insane. I can't wait.

And if this song is anything to go by, the new album is going to incredible and I cannot wait.

don't you go down

"On A Hilltop"
Acrylic paint, mixed media, marker.

i woke up to sound of pouring rain

Acrylic paint, mixed media, china marker, colored pencil.

like a kid in a candy store

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starting off the year right

A Lifelike Story, Kinda Like True Love and Daybreak playing an acoustic show @ Bucks County Coffee in Flemington, NJ on January 11th.

This was my first show of the new year, and if I can see one show a month that was this good, I will be a very happy person.

A Lifelike Story

I didn't know that they were going to be playing until I got there and saw them setting up so that was an awesome surprise. I don't know how old these kids are but I can't say enough good things about this band. Taylor's voice is amazing. I just wish they had an EP or something I could buy so I could listen to them all the time. According to their myspace they are going to be playing @ Grape Street in March which is actually local for me and I cannot wait for that show.

"We've Got The Night"

Kinda Like True Love

I am convinced that in two or three years this guy is going to be huge and I will be so glad that I got to see him play tiny little acoustic shows in coffee houses. (I think that about all three of these bands, actually.) He played "Self-Titled" which is my favorite song and you can watch the video below (and also listen to it on his myspace) and the only complaint I had about this show was that he cut his set short.



The first time I saw this band, I thought they were a little rough around the edges, but in a couple of years they could be awesome. After having seen them three times, (this show was the second), I still think that, but I definately feel like they get a little bit better everytime I see them. In the middle of "Don't Leave," Eric forgot some of the words, and I've seen a lot of bands/singers screw up in the middle of the song and I think the best save I've ever seen was Brian saying, "Just sing anything, be like 'I like frogs, they are so cool...'"

"Welcome Home"

They put that video up on their myspace, and I'm not gonna lie, I think that's pretty cool.

attempts were made to alleviate my boredom at work abusing the macro setting on my camera.


Birthday Cake