my swagger is my championship belt

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No lie, Team Goldie is at the top of my list of people I would give a record deal to in a heartbeat if I had that power.

what's new for fall has announced that Panic At The Disco will be touring this fall with The Plain White T's and Dashboard Confessional. (My sources say that The Cab will also be joining them on this tour.) No dates yet, I'm just interested to see what sort of turn out this tour is going to bring, I like all of these bands to varying degrees but Panic and Dashboard aren't two bands I would have pegged for touring together.

Meanwhile, The Mountain Goats will be touring the across the U.S. through October and November. You can find dates and venues on their website.

However the tour I'm really looking forward to is still being kept under wraps. Back in June I asked Andrew Volpe if Ludo had plans to tour more after Warped. The answer I got was, yes, but they're not allowed to talk about it yet. A friend asked a similar question of Tim Convy and got a similar answer.

we don't kiss, we just lay there

Looking for some awesome female fronted indie pop? Check out Lemuria. Sheena rocks it with the best of them.

there ain't no shame in the game

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sweet tangerine

have you heard the news that you're dead?

You know, I have met some amazing people through the internet. And then every once in a while I get reminded that some people are real assholes.

This is not funny. It's mean-spirited and immature. I know that I am far from alone when I say that Gerard Way is my hero. Why you would want to try and hurt so many people you don't even know is beyond me.

i have many leather bound books

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Sometimes it's worth it to drive all the way out to Bristol on a Saturday night.

it must have been one hell of a night

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It makes me sad that I never got to see the original Tillie before the building was demolished, he's such an New Jersey icon.

zero hour, nine am

The Gin Blossoms covering "Rocket Man" by Elton John.

we were the magnificent dreamers

Sometimes for fun I like to imagine up dream tours that I want to go see. My previous favorite was Robots & Racecars and Team Goldie opening on a Ludo headlining tour. Just this morning I decided that Empires and The Gaslight Anthem opening for The Loved Ones would pretty much be the best thing ever.

Thoughts? What are your dream lineups?

here we go around again

I know it's been about a million years since I actually talked about music in this blog, so here's some content for you.

How I Became Invisible is the solo side project of Robots & Racecars bassist, Nicholas Reed. New songs went up last night and they are A+. Check it out.