saturday night thunderbolt

[don't give up and let them hold you down.]

we are beautiful, we are doomed

Leaves, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.


Church Window, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

Places I never thought I'd miss: St. Paul's Church in Levittown.

i just play in a rock and roll band

Frankie & Tommy, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

Speaking of people I miss: these dudes.

If you're not listening to to Robots & Racecars yet, why the hell not? I've only been talking about how great they are for like, the past year.

you came along because i love your face

Hannah!, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

I love this girl and her silly face. I also miss her bunches. Why must my friends live spread out across the country?

In other news, I survived my first day of classes. This wouldn't be worth noting if not for the fact that I have ten hours of class on Thursday. Up early, home late, oh yeah. Fun times.

Being downtown does have it's perks though, the city is really quite beautiful at night.

where i've been, where i am

Orange, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

Taken this past June at Colonial Park. It's very pretty there, if you ever happen to be in Somerset in the spring/summer, you should check it out.

Classes started today. At 9am. I had to get up a good hour earlier than that to make it here on time. I am not a morning person, my friends. This is going to take some getting used to. On the plus side, I do enjoy having the time on the train to zone out, relax and you know, actually wake up.

Also, on the plus side, I think I am going to enjoy my sculpture class.

A quote from my teacher: "I work with video. I like puppies."

So there's that.

There's a tiny little bug on the screen on my laptop and I don't have the heart to smush him or flick him away. He's not bothering any one, just enjoying the nice day. Like me.

used to waste my time dreaming of being alive

Discarded, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

Okay, so I lied. This isn't recent at all. I took this on an unseasonably warm day this past March while I driving the backroads of rural PA.

I still like it, months later. So here you go.

groove salad

A few belated photos from when I saw Lucas Carpenter and Mark Rose at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore.

More recent photos and reviews coming soon! I am finally in possession of the shiny new macbook pro I got for school. ♥