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Quimby's, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

Quimby's is just about the coolest damn independent book store I've ever been to.

step back in time

Thorne Minatures, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

Another one of the Thorne minatures.

don't worry, just breathe

I hate it when people say that New Jersey is dirty. There's more to my state than Newark, thanks. And a lot of it is beautiful.


thorne minatures

This exhibit was one of the coolest things I saw during my last trip to Chicago. If you're ever there, you need to go the Art Institute and check this out.

Thorne Minatures, originally uploaded by falsestartjunkyard.

waiting for you to let me in


I'd like to draw your attention to one of the coolest places I've ever stumbled across on the internet. I have been ordering kick ass buttons from Mushycat since I was in high school. (For those who do not know, I graduated in 2002, so that is a long ass time.)

Here you can find the widest variety of punk, feminist, lgbtq, political/anti-war and otherwise just cool buttons of any place I have ever found. And if there's something that you think would make the coolest button ever, you have the option of choosing a custom design for the same price as any other button. Just email a picture or describe what you want and it's yours. It might even be added to the lineup! (I designed this one!)

In addition to buttons, you can also order sticker version of every button available. (I cannot tell you how many of my notebooks and sketchbooks were and still are decorated with these.) A few years back, Mushycat also started making shirts, underwear, postcards, and bumper stickers.

The most amazing thing about Mushycat is that is run by one awesome dude by the name of Ken. He makes everything himself, and he has gone to a great deal of a trouble to make sure everything he makes is environmentally responsible. Everything he makes is made especially for you, when you order it. And if that wasn't enough, 10% of all profits are donated to charities like RAINN.

robots & racecars

Last night at the Trocadero was the fifth time I have seen Robots & Racecars. They were just as awesome as they ever are. As you'll recall from an earlier entry I promised to explain exactly why this band is awesome and this is that post.

Robots & Racecars is a four piece band based out of Bristol, PA and they classify themselves as Pop-Punk/Powerpop on their myspace. I'm not exactly certain on the definition of "powperpop" but I'm going to take their word for it. Genre categorizations mean little to me really, all you need to know is these guys rock.

If you know anything about what I like in a band, it's not just being able to play your instruments, it's entertaining me whether you're playing or not. Not only are these dudes talented, what makes them stand out among some of the other bands I listen to is the fact that they are hilarious on stage, they have great energy and they are generally awesome dudes. I don't think I've been to a show yet where lead singer/guitarist Matthew hasn't encouraged the crowd to get closer/dance/rock out, etc.

For a band that's less than two years old, they are amazingly accomplished. Their sets are tight and tons of fun to watch. Their full length album, We Can't All Be Astronauts has great variety and I can't wait to see what their next album will be like. Also, they would like you to know that the cover art is yellow and they would never lie about that.

Recently, they've been playing some new stuff and it amuses/amazes me when I manage to learn the words to songs just from seeing the band so many times. (There are only two bands this has actually only happened to me with, R&R is one, The Cab is the other.) The point I'm trying to make here is the new stuff is also awesome and I'm a sucker for songs where the audience has a part to sing.

If you're in the NJ/PA area, I highly recommend you check these guys out in person. And if you happen to be at Hamilton Lanes, make them bowl with you. That's always a good time.

If not, I suggest heading over to their myspace and giving their music a listen. Part-Time Boyfriend is a personal favorite of mine.

school's out forever


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big things are happening

Hope you haven't gotten used to a lack of updating here, because in the next few weeks there's going to be an explosion.

i mean this more than words can ever say

I don't remember what I had at the top of the list as "Best Concert of My Life," but whatever it was, it's been knocked from the top spot and replaced with My Chemical Romance @ The Electric Factory, May 7, 2008.

I'm still fucking grinning.